Arianne French painter born in Cannes , from Provence whose roots go back to an old noble family which gave a pope in Avignon (Don César de Bus) spent his childhood in the country of Giono jeans , famous French writer. He knew that transcribe his works in Provence , perpetuating the French culture which was long dominating and influencing Europe and the glorious greatness of France in history. This language was spoken in Saint Petersburg and beamed across, Russia was the most steeped in French culture. Pierre le Grand in 1717 imported French culture until 1917 and beyond the flagship of all the courts of Europe, the French language was universal. We just need to reinvent this challenge to perpetuate our beautiful culture. Arianne currently represented on the Cote d’ Azur in Cannes and Saint Paul de Vence will exhibit at Riga Fashion Week Festival in October 2013 and in 3 galleries in St Petersburg, at the Academy of Fine Arts, and draws inspiration for his new 2014 exhibition of French fashion, beautiful means of communication of French taste, in collaboration with designers and perfumers and will participate in events planned for various exhibitions abroad in 2014 and 2015. See his articles on his www.arianne-online.com site and QR CODE Today, She offers us  » The Light as Medium  » . The cosmic universe in which we plunge his paintings gives us his energy beams and floated a perfume elsewhere … ENERGY COSMIC from another world of light opens our eyes to an imaginary full of colors and joyful.

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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